Why ‘Fairy Tail’ is an improvement on ‘InuYasha’


There, done.

It felt like an epiphany when I was watching Fairy Tale and realized where I had seen this before. I mean, it’s kind of startling.

natsu edit      inuyasha edit

lucy edit     Kagome edit

gray edit     miroku edit

Erza edit     sango edit

happy edit     shippo edit

*I got these images off Google search. They are not mine and please don’t sue me. If it’s really, really important to you, I’ll throw in some attribution as soon as I know who owns them.

Natsu and InuYasha are the reckless, rough, Fighty McBashers. Lucy and Kagome are the gentle and kind team-unifiers. Erza and Sango are kickass amazing. Happy and Shippo are the cute team mascots that help the best they can between comic relief bits. Gray and Miroku are rather unhelpfully dissimilar, but they’re both pervert-flavored backup bruisers who are loyal to their friends, as rather generic as that sounds. Though the Fairy Tail characters have boatloads more character development.

InuYasha is really just a two-trick pony: beat up villains and romance. Fairy Tail does beat up villains, but at least it’s different villains with different goals. Fairy Tail also uses its large cast of characters to its advantage, where InuYasha just resurrects Kikyo a million damn times. I rather like Kikyo as a character, but come up with some original plot for glob’s sake. And I appreciate how subplotty the romance in Fairy Tail is. They ship tease us plenty, but the romance never takes over and rampages like freakin’ Godzilla. YAY SUBTLETY!!!!!

So Fairy Tail is totes better than InuYasha. Come at me, angry fangirls.


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