Reviewing ‘The Archives of Anthropos’: Intro

Part 2: Sword Bearer; Part 3: Gaal the ConquerorPart 4: Tower of GeburahPart 5: Iron SceptrePart 6: Quest for the KingPart 7: Dark Lord’s Demise

The Archives of Anthropos by John White is an admitted ripoff of the Narnia series that he wrote for his kids. I don’t think he wrote much, if any other, fiction. And this particular John White is a British-born Canadian pastor. Most of his “real world” settings are in Winnipeg, Saskatchewan Manitoba. (Shut up, I wasn’t that far off.) That made an impression on me as a kid for reasons that I can’t really fathom, but it was probably because it was the first time my US-centrism was challenged. My feeble geographic consciousness was pretty much only attuned to “fancy old Europe” and “normal US,” with some little sprinkling of “Bible-times Middle East.” I knew the names and placements of quite a few countries, but I didn’t necessarily know much about them, and therefore they didn’t hold much space in my awareness. Shut up, I was in fourth or fifth grade when I first read these.

Anyway, the Archives are as follows:

– The Sword Bearer

– Gaal the Conqueror

– The Tower of Geburah

– The Iron Sceptre

– Quest for the King

– The Dark Lord’s Demise (in collaboration with Dale and Sandy Larson)

Like the Narnia books, they were written out of “proper” order, starting with Geburah and Sceptre, then Sword Bearer and Gaal, and then Quest, and then Dark Lord was published posthumously. But I’m going to read and talk about them in the “proper” order. But because of the written order, there are noticeable breaks in continuity, and some of the sequels have horrible, horrible mistakes that make me want to stab my eye with a fork. But at least there are pronunciation guides in the backs of all of them for the confusing names.

I actually read them out of order, starting with Gaal and moving forward, and our library didn’t have the last, Dark Lord, for some reason. Which wasn’t bad because Numbers 2 through 5 are the best ones. I personally rank them with Geburah and Sceptre at the top, with Gaal and Quest next, then Sword Bearer, and then Dark Lord burning in a pile of cow shit at the bottom. I hate that book. It took me years to finally find and read it, and I was Hulk-Ragey Notleia when it did come to pass.

I’m still deciding just how in-depth and/or spoiler-y I want to be, but I’m afraid that certain reviews just might be a collection of swearwords and potoo bird memes.

so potoo much yes

Part 2: Sword BearerPart 3: Gaal the ConquerorPart 4: Tower of GeburahPart 5: Iron SceptrePart 6: Quest for the KingPart 7: The Dark Lord’s Demise


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