Newsish stuff

I’ve found a place and someone to move in with, so the logistics of moving all my junk has cut into my (re)read-and-review time. And the snow doesn’t make it easier. And the new place doesn’t have an Internet connection yet. It might be a while before I can resume anything resembling the vague schedule I had going. But I’ll probably post things about kitties, because my roomie has three and a foster. And I might be adopting a 15-year-old cat from a friend of the family who just passed away. The family hasn’t responded yet. Barbara Ann is a domestic shorthair (cat-mutt) that looks a little Siamese. And I’m still in a financial hard place, so I don’t know how well I’ll be able to afford her. She probably needs a vet check-up, and I don’t know how well a geriatric like her can adapt to completely new surroundings with an established band of cats.


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