This isn’t a real post, birfday bonus

I feel like a bad blogger because I haven’t posted since the end of March, but I haven’t gotten a post ready. I just haven’t felt like reading much lately, and I’ve been spending time crocheting afghans and throws instead. I don’t know if crochet sounds like an incongruous hobby for me, but it’s something to do with my hands, which is a nice change of pace. I finished one during the end of March, and I’ve got one on ice, waiting for my yarn order to come in so I can finish it, and I’m working on another one that I’ll probably finish within the next week. I’d post a pic of the one I’ve finished, but I’m actually doing this post while on my security shift at work (shhhh, but they don’t really mind us using the computers for personal junk as long as we get our shit done adequately) and the pics are on my laptop.

In other news, my birthday is this weekend. May age 23 be better than age 22 was. Twenty-two ended up being a pretty harsh year for me. I don’t really do birthdays, but I bought myself some expensive work shoes because I’ve beaten my expensive regular shoes to shit doing outside maintenance work at my other job. I may end up replacing my expensive regular shoes because they’ve stopped making my feet not hurt. These goddamn flat feet I’ve inherited don’t like budget shoes.

I’m making my own cake because butter pecan is the shit, and also because I’m planning to take it to the small-church-group potluck thing that we have on Sundays so I stop feeling like a mooching turd. I thought about buying myself some celebration booze, something in the fruity chick drink range because that’s about the only taste I like, but I decided that I’ve been spending too much money between Amazon purchases, garage-saleing, and goddamn expensive shoes.


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