This is also not a real review: Blarg harder

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness: Adventure. Peril. Lost Jewels. And the Fearsome Toothy Cows of Skree by Andrew Peterson. Analysis: Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I picked up word on this from Speculative Faith, and I was hopeful for something lalloppingly goofy fairy-tale-ishness. Something, perhaps, Galendor-ish or Circumnavigating Fairy Land-ish. Not so much. Peterson tries, but he just doesn’t commit to it. He is not gifted with charming dorkdom. The rest of the book is chock full of secretly-important-farmboy(s) and dark-evil-conqueror and general O HAI monomyth theory as seen in Star Wars  that it just falls flat.

On the other hand, there could be hope for improvement as this is part of a series. What interested me in this book/series is that it was supposed to be widely ranging in genre flavor, some more humorous, some more tragic. On the other, other hand, if this is how Peterson does humor, I don’t think I want to know how he does tragic. Plus, why did it take a full book to lay out the kind of exposition that could have been given in a quarter of the space? Eragon is emphatically monomythic as hell, but we still got out of Carvahall in a dozen or so chapters. (I have a lingering affection for you, Inheritance Cycle, but damn, it was not worth waiting for so long to be given such a lackluster ending, even if you stayed true to your monomythic predictability. And this, children, is a good reason why to not bother with a series until it’s published in its entirety.)

And for something entirely different, I’m just going to slap up a recommendation for the manga (and its anime) The Story of Saiunkoku. I’ve wanted to write a review over this for a long time, but most of what I have to say about it is fangirl squeeing. It’s shoujo, which is usually not my thing, but it actually has plot out the ears. And it’s also a character-driven story, so decent plot and good characters = AWWW YISSS. And chock full of pretty, pretty bishounen, so much so that I imagine this would give dudes a taste of what most women feel like watching shows/looking at comics with ridiculous boobage. Though if you want some costume porn, the manga is more obliging.

And I’ve taken to browsing the free Kindle books for new stuff, because I’m at that point where everything is boring and I want something new. Maybe that means I’ll have some real reviews to post soon. Maybe.


One thought on “This is also not a real review: Blarg harder

  1. You should check out Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun on Crunchyroll. It’s shoujo, but it has a lot of fun skewering its tropes, and has some funny scenes to boot.

    I need to get back to reading Christian spec fiction, but I’ve lost a lot of desire to read it. I think it’s to the point where I have to write the books I’d like to read, because it seems to be a lot of straightforwards YA-level fantasy.


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