Reviewing ‘Knights of Sidonia’ or ‘Sidonia No Kishi’

The largest and most obvious problem with this show is the shitty, shitty CG used to make it. It puts the subliminal screaming in the phrase “uncanny valley.” Surprise and shock are expressed with all the nuance of a strangled crack whore.

But aesthetics aside, it’s not a bad story. But Hare Krishna balls, why the shitty CG? Did they use all the production money on the modeling crack whores? But it seems like they use the base setup from Battlestar Galactica, of which I’ve only seen, like, an episode each of the original and the remake, so I don’t have enough for a compare-contrast.

The Sidonia is a seed ship from Earth that barely escaped after the evil-giant-space-whale-things called gauna attacked. And they’re still encountering and fighting gauna thousands of years afterward. The garde pilot space-mecha to fight the space-whale-things and protect Sidonia, and underdweller Nagate Tanikaze (or Tanikaze Nagate, if you’re a sub-snob like me) is quickly promoted by Sidonia’s mysterious captain for the piloting skills he learned from his grandfather.

Of the three aspects of the show, I like the mysterious backstory stuff the best. Space battles between mecha and space-whales are pretty nifty, but I like how they unfolded the backstory, even if I can’t help but be impatient with the typical-of-anime slow-to-exposition. The third aspect, the interpersonal relationshippy stuff, is narratively necessary to give us a reason to care about these characters but gets fucking tedious when roughly three-fourths of it is love-triangle bullshit. Fortunately three-fourths of a third is…[grabs calculator]……….fuck, that’s a quarter of the entire show.

I’m just gonna call it three-fourths of a third. That’s more palatable.

Then again, that also means that 75% of this show is space-whale battles and mysterious backstory and interpersonal stuff that doesn’t make me want to pull out my bitch-slappin’ hand. And all you have to do is get used to the stoner’s repertoire of nonverbal communication. Have fun with that.

Also, only the first season is out on Netflix, and they totally do the anime thing of ending it just when it promises more. Sneaky bastards.


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