I changed my mind about SAO

It’s been awhile, and Shit Done Happened. I don’t even know if this is a one-off post or my glorious resurrection, but this is my blarg and I can do what I want, neener-neener.

Last time here, I praised Sword Art Online. Now I think it’s not as good as Log Horizon, which does the genre of stuck-in-video-gameland waaaaaaaay better. I can’t even muster up enough interest to watch the second season, because I sense it’s gonna beat the plot-horse dead. Because it couldn’t avoid that in the first season.

But what successfully manipulated my feels about SAO? I think it’s because they did break pattern at the beginning. They didn’t fart around, will-they-won’t-they, about our One True Pairing, Kirito and Asuna. GAWD, that is rare. They didn’t stretch the story for a porpskillion mostly-useless episodes like a boilerplate shounen. They conveyed the stone-cold gravity of death and its permanence. Kirito’s voice actor has this ear-candy pathos he can turn on like a switch.

But then they didn’t quit while they were ahead, and all they had for us was to recycle the same damn plot. Kirito uses his power as nerd-god to save people from virtual reality! Look at his harem grow! He can turn on his ear-candy pathos like a switch! (I have a lot of casual conflicted about that, because while it’s manipulative, I like that ear-candy.)


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