Quilting logic: Open Windows throw pattern

This is from a pattern book that I impulse-bought while on heavy markdown. I liked a lot of ideas in it, and I felt free to adapt and change as I pleased, which is half the fun of crafting.

It’s supposed to be a knitting pattern, but I changed it to Tunisian crochet, which meant the stitch counts were pretty useless. I had to do some reverse engineering to figure out the measurements to use.

The pattern does call for this blanket to be made in strips, which are then sewed together, but I made it in blocks partially for ease of transport and partially because I didn’t want to be put at a standstill if I ran out of the specific color and could just switch to a different color block whenever I had to or wanted to.


The overall width was 55″, which split into 5 strips is 11″ each. With worsted weight yarn and a size K Tunisian crochet hook, that ended up being 33 stitches across. The different lengths of the big and little blocks gave me some trouble, because according to my math, 68″ in total width divided into 4 rows of big+little blocks meant that x and y could equal any real values that added up to 17″. That’s not helpful.

But if you can read my penciled notes, I eyeballed it at a little block being about a fifth of a big block’s length, and the nearest, easiest numbers to use were 3″ for a little block length and 14″ for a big block length.

If you can’t tell, there are three colors represented in the pic by dark gray, light gray, and white. Theoretically this could be something of a sampler afghan, by using different stitches for each of the blocks or each of the colors, but I kinda missed that boat because I just started the first several ones in Tunisian knit stitch before I realized how monotonous that could get. Oh well. I can try that the next time I use this pattern.


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