Oldcat do what Oldcat want

At 19 years of age, Oldcat has very few fucks left to give, and most of them are about her creature comforts. Even our kind-of-a-bully Hauspanzer kitty defers to her, ’cause Oldcat has whacked down larger animals than her. Dogs do not scare her. She scares dogs.

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I’ve thought about hitching my wagon to Jackson Galaxy’s star and offering cat advice, but what I’d end up doing is copy-pasting most of the Way of Cats blog. So this isn’t advice so much about ranting about my (husband’s) goddamn gross cat.

In order to protect her privacy, I’ll call her by her nickname, Potato. Because she is so uncatlike as to be more like a potato with fur.

Potato is a longhair with gray tabby Siamese points and a back slowly turning gray of its own accord. She really shouldn’t be a longhair. We’ve had to get her shaved into a lion-cut twice because she’s just gotten too gross.

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Ask me about my yarn


  1. How did you first learn your craft?  My mom taught me crochet when I was young to keep me occupied.
  2. How old were you when you first learned to craft? Shoot, I don’t remember exactly. 10?
  3. What was the first project you completed? Really ugly potholder.
  4. What would you like to make next? Cardigans.
  5. Do you use stitch markers? Sometimes, especially when I’m working in the round.
  6. Do you watch or listen to anything while you craft? I watch TV I don’t mind missing some bits of. I can’t watch my anime because I’m not good enough to follow Japanese without reading subtitles.
  7. What aspect of your craft is the most challenging to you? I like learning new stitches, but what I should start paying to is how the fabric I make works, like drape and weight and shit. Also fit, for things I want to try like cardigans. Also color coordination.
  8. Which of your past projects are you the most proud of? An afghan with nice autumnal colors in a shell stitch pattern. I utilized the colors nicely.

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Quilting logic: Open Windows throw pattern

This is from a pattern book that I impulse-bought while on heavy markdown. I liked a lot of ideas in it, and I felt free to adapt and change as I pleased, which is half the fun of crafting.

It’s supposed to be a knitting pattern, but I changed it to Tunisian crochet, which meant the stitch counts were pretty useless. I had to do some reverse engineering to figure out the measurements to use.

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