Cascading miter blanket in crochet

I really like the look of this blanket. I really hate all the ends the color-changing is forcing me to deal with.

It’s a lot easier to hide ends as you go (HAYGO?) with crochet than knitting. Also joining all the motifs in single crochet gives me ample opportunity to hide any leftover loose ends without unleashing my inner Gollum.

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Cheapskate Christmas: DIY Decor

Yeah, it’s eight months too early, but it’s been on my mind since last Christmas. I was feeling festive enough to want a tree, but not festive enough to want anything bigger than a desktop-sized tree, and those are surprisingly hard to find. And the 4′ ones started at over $50 dollars are got worse as they got bigger. It was only after the holiday season that I had the time to dink around the Internet and find what I want. Continue reading