More indie authors, part 2

I just don’t think a romance plot typically has enough conflict for a novel-length story without manufactured bullshit. And also the cultural sexist baggage. And that is why I don’t read romances, summed up in 2 sentences. You’re welcome.

But I suppose it’s good for me to expand my horizons and pick one up — or a Kindle sample for one. At the least I get to feel smug that, yep, I’m still right about them. Continue reading

More indie authors, part 1

There was a little tent of indie authors flogging their wares among the jewelry-makers, costumers, and hippies with herbs of the Renaissance faire. But I was having a strong case of too-many-people-itis, so I just grabbed all the free be-blurbed bookmarks and business cards and got out. But to be honest, the highlight of the day was when I got to hold an eagle owl named Katara (squeeeeeeeeeeee). Continue reading

Comicon crapshoot: Indie authors

I went to a mini-con the other day, and I had something of an existentialism. They just didn’t have much of anything I wanted to buy. Maybe I should frame it as my being above the material world, all enlightened and shit, but it’s just weird when your identity doesn’t overlap much at all with the group you want to identify with even as far as tchotchkes go.

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Cheapskate Christmas: DIY Decor

Yeah, it’s eight months too early, but it’s been on my mind since last Christmas. I was feeling festive enough to want a tree, but not festive enough to want anything bigger than a desktop-sized tree, and those are surprisingly hard to find. And the 4′ ones started at over $50 dollars are got worse as they got bigger. It was only after the holiday season that I had the time to dink around the Internet and find what I want. Continue reading

I changed my mind about SAO

It’s been awhile, and Shit Done Happened. I don’t even know if this is a one-off post or my glorious resurrection, but this is my blarg and I can do what I want, neener-neener.

Last time here, I praised Sword Art Online. Now I think it’s not as good as Log Horizon, which does the genre of stuck-in-video-gameland waaaaaaaay better. I can’t even muster up enough interest to watch the second season, because I sense it’s gonna beat the plot-horse dead. Because it couldn’t avoid that in the first season.

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More anime that have been in front of my eyeballs


Though I don’t know if Shin Sekai Yori available outside Crunchyroll. Apparently it came out last winter but was overshadowed by Sword Art Online. Like Psycho Pass (which is out on Netflix), Shin Sekai Yori is a story set in the future where there has been sociological engineering going on. But while Psycho Pass feels like a cross between Blade Runner without the sentient robots and Judge Dredd without the most of the lone-ranger aspect (or any of the Stallone cheese), Shin Sekai Yori is in the far, far future where everyone is psychokinetic and it looks like mystical hippie utopia, where kids go through a Shinto-Buddhist ritual to contain their powers and trade ghost stories about Trickster Cats and False Minoshiro. And everyone wears sweet-ass clothes.

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