Reviewing ‘Blood Song’

This feels like Not a Real Review because “Blood Song” is a short prequel to Robert Mullin’s series that starts properly with “Bid the Gods Arise.” Why didn’t I do that instead? “Blood Song” was free for Kindle as a promotion that I only found out about because we have some internet acquaintances in common.

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More indie authors, part 1

There was a little tent of indie authors flogging their wares among the jewelry-makers, costumers, and hippies with herbs of the Renaissance faire. But I was having a strong case of too-many-people-itis, so I just grabbed all the free be-blurbed bookmarks and business cards and got out. But to be honest, the highlight of the day was when I got to hold an eagle owl named Katara (squeeeeeeeeeeee). Continue reading

Comicon crapshoot: Indie authors

I went to a mini-con the other day, and I had something of an existentialism. They just didn’t have much of anything I wanted to buy. Maybe I should frame it as my being above the material world, all enlightened and shit, but it’s just weird when your identity doesn’t overlap much at all with the group you want to identify with even as far as tchotchkes go.

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Reviewing the rest of the DarkTrench trilogy

I reviewed the first book in this trilogy awhile ago, and I finally got around to reading books #2 and #3, The Superlative Stream and Freeheads, respectively. It let me down. What made the first one great was the cog-in-the-wheel trying-to-get-by sort of feel with the sympathetic-ness and relatability. And probably the cynicism. It’s a pity Sandfly couldn’t have kept his cynicism after he found Jesus A~A(<– And we don’t really see any more clever nomenclature like that anymore. Pity.)

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Reviewing ‘Black Sun’ and ‘Scorn,’ drunkenly: Bottle #4


It didn’t take even the whole of this bottle to get through the remainder of Black Sun and the whole of Scorn. Yay, less tropey bull, I suppose, but all I have left besides two bottles of bellini (one of which I had during dinner) is this feeling of meh.

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Reviewing ‘Black Sun,’ drunkenly: Bottle #3


New day, new book, new bottle. Only one today, because I wanted plenty of time to get over it before I went to the Baptist singles’ small group in the evening. I actually got about seventy-five percent of the way through the second book just on one bottle. Quite an improvement on the first book.

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