Ask me about my yarn


  1. How did you first learn your craft?  My mom taught me crochet when I was young to keep me occupied.
  2. How old were you when you first learned to craft? Shoot, I don’t remember exactly. 10?
  3. What was the first project you completed? Really ugly potholder.
  4. What would you like to make next? Cardigans.
  5. Do you use stitch markers? Sometimes, especially when I’m working in the round.
  6. Do you watch or listen to anything while you craft? I watch TV I don’t mind missing some bits of. I can’t watch my anime because I’m not good enough to follow Japanese without reading subtitles.
  7. What aspect of your craft is the most challenging to you? I like learning new stitches, but what I should start paying to is how the fabric I make works, like drape and weight and shit. Also fit, for things I want to try like cardigans. Also color coordination.
  8. Which of your past projects are you the most proud of? An afghan with nice autumnal colors in a shell stitch pattern. I utilized the colors nicely.

2014 shell afghan i

  1. How long have you been crafting? I was really off-and-on during my youth, but since I’ve picked it up again after college, it’s been 3-4 years.
  2. Where do you usually buy your yarn? Big box stores, because I’m cheap.
  3. Are you a yarn snob? I want to be, but I can’t really afford it. Also I don’t want to have to handwash everything.
  4. What was the last yarn you purchased? Caron One Pound yarn in rose pink.
  5. What is the last crafting related purchase you made? Besides the yarn, stitch pattern books.
  6. How often do you keep a project you’ve made? Depends on whether I made it for myself. A lot of my blankets have ended up going to charity because I cannot house them.
  7. What is your workspace like? Crap piled around the coffee table/sofa in front of the TV.
  8. Where do you do most of your crafting? In front of the TV.
  9. How would you describe your crafting style? Practical, largely. I want to make the sort of the stuff that I’d use or like to look at.
  10. What aspect of your craft would you most like to improve? Fit and color coordination.
  11. What tool or accessory would you like to acquire next? If not stitch pattern books, then I might try buying a different style of crochet hook, in-line rather than the tapered-head set I bought ’cause it was on sale. I’ll probably grok better with in-line.
  12. How big is your yarn stash? 2 tote boxes full, so far.
  13. How often do you knit/crochet? It comes and goes, but I’ve had something going for most of the 3-4 years since I picked it up again.
  14. Do you always have a project in mind when you buy yarn? No, and that’s bitten me in the butt. I’m promising myself that I’m going to have a specific project in mind first.
  15. Do you find any crafting tools to be overrated? Knitting needles. I learned how to knook because I like the flow I can achieve with a hook.
  16. When you want to learn a new stitch, how do you go about it? My favorite is usually charts, then written description. Video is my least favorite.
  17. Do you have a devoted yarn bag? Not yet.
  18. Does anyone else in your family crochet/knit? My mom can but prefers quilting. Her oldest sister is a big yarn junkie who knits and crochets (and quilts).
  19. How do you store your yarn stash? In plastic bags inside my tote boxes.


  1. What are your current WIPs? 3 blankets, fingerless gloves. Just finished a little pile of preemie baby hats for charity. I have plans for a couple hats and cardigans soon.
  2. Do you have any projects currently in time out? 1 blanket. Also a particular yarn, pink cotton, that I need to figure out a cardigan pattern for.
  3. Which WIP have you been working on the longest? That damn pink cotton I can’t decide on a cardigan pattern for.
  4. Where do you store your WIPs? In plastic bags, around the foot of the sofa or in and out of the tote boxes.
  5. What was the last project you had to frog? Why? A new pink pussy hat because the fit was wrong because my gauge was off. #Resist
  6. What is the most frustrating experience you’ve had with a project? Not being able to decide on a stitch/pattern.

Have you ever…?

  1. Sold your work? Yes, at church fundraisers and once on commission.
  2. Finished a full sized blanket? Yes, more than once, even.
  3. Had an interesting interaction with a stranger for crafting in public? Ehh, kinda. On my night-shift jobs I have done some stuff and gotten comments from coworkers.
  4. Had a household member complain about the size of your yarn stash? Not yet. But then, I don’t complain about the size of his board game collection.
  5. Been to a crocheting/knitting club or circle? Not yet, want to try one.
  6. Written a pattern to share with others? Once. I would post it here but I’m thinking of revising it yet again.
  7. Purchased yarn only to decide you hated it? One of those impulse purchases I’m planning to not ever do again.
  8. Bought craft supplies in bulk? Only when resupplying for a WIP.
  9. Participated in a crochet/knit along? Nope. Not my jam, really.
  10. Completed a year-long project? (Mood blanket, temperature blanket, etc) Nope. Not sure if I care for that sort of thing.

This or that?

  1. Knitting, crocheting, or both? Both, but the knook method of knitting. Also Tunisian crochet.
  2. Patterns or improvise? Depends on the complexity of the project. I can improvise blankets okay but bad things happened when I tried that with cardigans.
  3. Stick to one project or keep multiple going at once? Multiples alla time.
  4. Wind new yarn or leave it as is? If it’s in a pull-skein, leave it unless it’s gotten so floppy and messy. The twisted kinds of skeins for fancy yarn definitely need winding.
  5. Buy supplies online or in person? I prefer in-person unless I’m just getting more for a WIP. I like to feel it and, more importantly, see the colors of yarn in person.
  6. Make gauge swatches or hope for the best? I used to hope for the best, but that’s bitten me in the butt. There’s also much to learn in gauge swatches with how the fabric drapes and how heavy it is & etc.



Reviewing ‘Blood Song’

This feels like Not a Real Review because “Blood Song” is a short prequel to Robert Mullin’s series that starts properly with “Bid the Gods Arise.” Why didn’t I do that instead? “Blood Song” was free for Kindle as a promotion that I only found out about because we have some internet acquaintances in common.

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Scientific Railgun > Magical Index

I didn’t actually get very much into either of these, but I made it through one season of Railgun while only just a couple episodes of Index. Why?


Whatshisface from Magical Index is just some bland motherfucker. Yeah he’s supposed to be the Everyday Guy, but what the hell is his actual personality? He’s nice sometimes, in a vague way? A little stubborn? What’s his motivation? He’s nice sometimes, in a vague way? A little stubborn? He spends way too much damn time whining, then. And there’s something just off-putting about a harem building around this Nice-ish Guy.

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Quilting logic: Open Windows throw pattern

This is from a pattern book that I impulse-bought while on heavy markdown. I liked a lot of ideas in it, and I felt free to adapt and change as I pleased, which is half the fun of crafting.

It’s supposed to be a knitting pattern, but I changed it to Tunisian crochet, which meant the stitch counts were pretty useless. I had to do some reverse engineering to figure out the measurements to use.

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